DisplayPort Link Layer CTS

DP 1.4 Link Layer CTS Testing

DisplayPort version 1.4 was first published in 2016, and it was updated to 1.4a in 2018. Unigraf continued it’s pioneering approach to DisplayPort Link Layer CTS testing by introductin UCD-400, the 8K video analyzer and generator. The selection of tests available for Unigraf’s HBR3 capable DP 1.4 test device UCD-400 includes all tests needed for VESA Certified DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS testing for DP Sinks and Sources. Click here for the completed list of normative and informative tests for DP 1.4a Link Layer Compliance Test.

CTS Test Set Controlled via PC GUI

UCD-Console is a common GUI for all UCD-300/400 series products. For DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS testing UCD Console features ready-made test sets that you can easily select, run and monitor. Watch the video below to see how easily you can perform DP 1.4a Link Layer CTS tests on DisplayPort Sinks and Sources.

DisplayPort Link Layer CTS Tools