DP 1.2 链路层兼容性测试


Unigraf的DPR-120 DisplayPort参考接收器是一项经授权的测试工具,用来测试DP 1.2 Link Core和Link Ext1相容性测试中的DisplayPort信号端设备。DPR-120调试和测试操控软件(DTC)是用于操控DP 1.2链路层兼容性(DPR-120参考接收器) 的图像式控制台。DPR-120 DTC还具有许多强大的调试功能,用于监控被测单元(DUT)的状态和测试程序。


DPR-120 DTC按照VESA®DisplayPort®定义的链路层兼容性测试规范执行兼容性测试。测试组按照不同的测试范围分组,以下是针对各组的详细描述:

Test Set A

  • DP 1.2 Link Ext1 tests for basic link training functions, HBR2 extension.
      (Tests 400.3.1.1 to 400.3.1.9)
  • Additional DPCD handling tests.
      (Tests 700.1.1.1, 700.1.1.2) 

Test Set B

  • DP 1.2 Link Ext1 tests for link configuration changes, HBR2 extension.
      (Tests 400.3.1.12 to 400.3.1.15;
       400.3.2.1 to 400.3.2.3)
  • Video stamp generation
    (Test 400.3.3.1)

Test Set C

  • Partial set of tests from DP 1.2 CTS Core not covered by Ext1.
      (Tests,; to; to; to;
       4.4.2, 4.4.3)

Test Set D
Test Set D

  • Lane Count Reduction Tests
       (Tests from "Reduced lane count link training Test Proposal")

Recording AUX Traffic

For documenting the execution of the compliance test procedure it is often necessary to record also the AUX traffic between the DUT source and the reference sink. A practical solution for that is the DPR-120 MST Debug Extension that includes a built-in AUX Channel Monitor for recording the AUX communication in the upstream link.

MST Debug Extension

  • Record AUX Traffic in the upstream link
  • View time stamped logs as matrix
  • View transaction details in parsed format
  • Store and retrieve AUX Logs in a file
  • Store AUX Logs as a HTML report

Test Automation

DPR-120 Test Automation Shell enables execution of the CTS tests and debug functions as predefined test scripts. For preparation of the automated tests and for analyzing the results, e.g. configuration files can be created with DPR-120 DTC GUI and recalled in TA Shell.

DPR-120 TA Shell

  • Enables automated execution of CTS tests
  • Enables automated execution of DPR-120 DTC test routines

What is needed for Compliance?

The image below explains the relation and use of the three SW sets and what is needed for each certification test.

DPR-120 SW Options

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