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Development Tools

High Productivity Tools for Evaluating and Problem Solving of HDMI and DisplayPort Interfaces

All Unigraf display interface test equipment include a development tool GUI. They provide the user capabilities that normal monitors or digital video sources are not providing. With Unigraf tools the evaluation and debugging work is much more effective and saves time in the critical point of the design project.


Testing USB Type-C Interfaces

  • First DisplayPort over USB-C Tester in the market
  • Test USB-C Power Delivery with DP Alt Mode
  • Test DP Alt Mode video and audio
  • Verify interface signal continuity
  • HDCP 1.3 and HDCP 2.2 support

UCD Console for HDMI and DP

  • Dialogs and controls for testing HDMI and DP sinks and sources
  • User interface for UCD-300 test equipment
  • Preview and store captured video and audio
  • Source standard and custom video resolutions
  • 20 task specific tabs for debug functions

DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller

  • Tool for running DP Link Compliance Tests
  • Tool for debugging SST and MST configurations.

DP AUX Channel Monitor

  • Tool for evaluating source / sink communication.
  • Essential companion during Compliance Testing

DP Sink Console

  • Debug tool for evaluating the behavior of DisplayPort Sources.
  • For DPR-100 and UFG-04 DP

DP Source Console

  • Debug tool for evaluating the behavior of DisplayPort Sinks.
  • For DPT-200 and VTG-5225 DP

What to Test?

Before video and audio content is sent over a the TMDS channels in HDMI or the DP links and displayed on the monitor screen a lot of communication has been occurring between a DP source and sink and a possible branch device. The below article on Unigraf Blog describes some basic components of a DP interface and their function. 

Blog: What do you need to verify in a DP interface?

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